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Letter Writing Campaign

Sandy Lake Special Planning Area map

The Nova Scotia Provincial Task Force on Housing in HRM has named the land West of Sandy Lake a "Special Planning Area" to be fast tracked for development. That means the provincial Minister of Housing will make the final decision about development at Sandy Lake, based on recommendations from the Task Force.


Time is quickly running out for the Province to reverse this decision. The HRM's website currently lists the development for this highly valuable ecological area as "shovel ready" Spring 2024.


Make a difference today by letting Provincial decision makers know that you do not support development in the Sandy Lake Special Planning Area. We've made it easy - here is an example letter to send to the person who will now decide about the development of housing at Sandy Lake, Minister John Lohr. Send it to him at, and copy us at sandylakecampaign[at]

Request a Sign

Save Sandy Lake Poster

Whether you have a lawn, a balcony, or a window, you can help demonstrate just how many people care about what happens around Sandy Lake. The land and water that stretch from the Hammonds Plains Road to the Sackville River, long identified for protection as a park, is currently threatened by development planned in the Sandy Lake Special Planning Area.


Our Coalition has a long-term vision of expanding the existing park by an additional 1,800 acres to include essential lands and tributaries that function to preserve the entire area's richness. Without them, the ecological value of the existing park will degrade. An expanded park would help conserve Sandy, Marsh, and Jack Lakes, and well as provide an outstanding place for public access to nature and recreation for a growing city. Protection of this area is also a key part of the Halifax region’s goal for a functioning greenbelt close to the city's centre.

Click on the poster to request your sign today!

Print Your Own Sign

Save Sandy Lake Poster

Would you rather print your own sign? 

That's great too! Post it at home, on your community bulletin board or send it to friends, the possibilities are endless...

Click on this poster to download a printable PDF 

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