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Sandy Lake - Sackville River Regional Park Coalition

Let's resolve unfinished business by finally protecting Sandy Lake and Sackville River

Help us expand the existing park to protect this irreplaceable natural area. Time is running out.

The Sandy Lake - Sackville River Regional Park Coalition was formed to take care of unfinished business. That is, to finally protect the land and water in the area that stretches from the Hammonds Plains Road to the Sackville River, long identified for protection as a park (well beyond what is now protected at Sandy Lake Park, a.k.a. Jack Lake Regional Park).

Our Coalition includes partners who share the long-term vision that expanding the existing park by an additional 1,800 acres would benefit people, wildlife, and the planet. Land protection would help conserve Sandy, Marsh, and Jack Lakes, and the Sackville River’s watershed. An expanded park would provide an outstanding place for public access to nature and recreation for a growing city. Protection of this area is a key part of the Halifax region’s goal for a functioning greenbelt close to the city's centre.

Join us in working towards the creation of a large, healthy Sandy Lake - Sackville River Regional Park.


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